SMART DATA RECOVERY is a professionally Data Recovery and Data Backup Company Penang , Malaysia, which provides 100% security and Guarantee For the Data Recovery. We can Recover Any type of Damaged , Data Storage, Media( Hard Drive, Flash Drive, Memory card, SSD , Server, RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, NAS Storage, SAN Storage). SMART DATA RECOVERY provides surety and success in the recovery of the data regardless of the problem itself. Only After the Diagnosis VVe can give you the detailed Report of the recovery. There is no Charge for Diagnosis. if you are in Malaysia, Then you can directly bring your media to our office Penang, malaysia otherwise Send The Damaged Hard Drive or Media to our Company through courier. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any more queries.

Data Recovery Malaysia

Data Recovery Malaysia
Data Recovery in Malaysia


Smart Data Recovery Malaysia, is Professional company to Analysis the drive to know what the Damages and data recovery possibilities

The Data storage flop, have to consider major about the media. Self investigation or programs testing it maybe make the data completely corrupted. first you need to reach Professional digital data recovery company to examination the drive to get what the problem and data retrieve possibility. It is very demanding where you are finding as specialist. Since the data backup process is very complicated and risky work.

Data recovery is like a incision on organism. Sometimes hopeless data damages may be happened to the data by entrusting other inexperienced members or association before coming us. The recovery process is extremely complicated, once extra damages are made due to an unsuccessful data recovery hands it becomes almost impossible to restore the data .

alive with cases we are conduct is the result of after effects of other companies already attempted for recovery. For physical damage recovery It is difficult that you will find a genuine company at a low cost (You can find a professional company ,that they will accept the payment only after the successful recovery )

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